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I think it's not fair for people that i add as friend didn't know about me and they add empty journal.
So i make this.

My name is Mya from Indonesia
I like to watch anime since kid, so i start my fandom at  J-ROCK
no connection, well i like Laruku and T.M Revolution song from anime Kenshin
from there i listen to a lot of J-ROCK band.

then i start to listen to Johnny's i like them but I'm not crazy about particular group until i saw KAT-TUN
i fall in love,hehehe, i love Ueda Tatsuya this guy is something i knew from the first time i saw him
see, now his our beautiful boxer.

not long after, i listen to K-Pop
I like Super Junior, DBSK, Big Bang, SS501, FT. Island and many more
like usual me i don't crazy about any particular group i like them all, OK  maybe i like one better than other ,
but then i fall in love with particular pairing, hehehe
our beloved EUNHAE.

I'm not good at expressing myself at new people, when i first meet someone
i'm quite at first but can be very load later
my nee-chan aozorachan666 , piryo_chan , ndoeth knew it better.
i still remember the first time we met, i just sit and listen, but now i talk a lot like A LOT. hehehehe

i like to read, anything from manga, novel fiction or non-fiction, newspaper anything.
now, i like reading fanfic.
but i can't write, i can't even write my own diary. i'll write for one week then ripped it coz i don't like how i wrote it.
so i know how hard it is to write a story.
for my friend who are writer you guys AWESOME.

so this is my introduction post, before i decide to delete what i write i'm gonna post this.

sorry if what i write make no sense, my English is not that good.
Let's Be Friend ^^



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